Zephyranthes: Zephyr Flower or Swamp Lily

This is known as the Zephyr Flower or Swamp Lily. The bulbs can be grown in light, sandy, well-drained loam in a sunny position, where they produce narrow, strap-shaped leaves and erect, funnel-shaped, crocus-like flowers.

The best known species is Zephyranthes candida, with shining white petals and showy, bright yellow anthers. When established it will bloom freely in September and October. Zephyranthes carinata has large, bright rose flowers in June. In rather open positions a covering of peat or straw during the winter will protect it from frost damage.

Similar treatment should be given to Zephyranthes robusta, the leaves of which appear after the delicate pink flowers in July and August.


08. July 2011 by admin
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