Water Features and Water Garden Containers

Easy Water Features and Water Garden Containers

So many different garden containers can be used, adapted or created to produce a container water feature that the only limits are your imagination and your creative skills. Where plants and fish are involved, there are a few constraints, but otherwise, provided the construction functions properly, any kind of container will work.

Water Features and Water Garden Containers When you have decided on the kind of water feature you want and have considered the questions of plants and fish, you can turn your attention to cost. Ready-made water features can be expensive, but many are excellent value and can be very attractive, particularly when dressed and surrounded by plants of your choice. With small alterations and adaptations many other containers intended for a totally different purpose can be used. For example, you can plug the drainage holes in large ceramic and terracotta pots meant for garden plants with fine aggregate concrete and waterproof them successfully with transparent sealant. Some specialist water gardening centres will do this for you if you don’t feel confident doing it yourself. Likewise you can drill pots and rocks to take a small waterfall or fountain outlet; again many aquatics specialists will be happy to do this for you.

While most water features are created in waterproof containers, you should not overlook the possibility of using a pool liner to line any object that is not watertight. There are many different kinds of liner, but the toughest and easiest to mould into a shape without awkward creases are made from LDPE. This can be purchased off the roll and you can buy just as much as you need. Rubber liners, although tough and hard-wearing, are more difficult to install, while polyethylene ones, although much cheaper, have a limited life.

Making a water feature from garden containers, can be simple and, for the budget-conscious, economical, since you can use all kinds of ingenious devices. However, the one area where economy should not rule is in purchasing a pump. Go for the best value for money, but be sure that the pump is reliable and will carry out the task that you set it.

Once installed, and providing they are properly constructed, water features are one of the easiest and most pleasurable garden features to maintain.

My tips:

  • If a container will hold water, or it can be made to hold water, it can be turned into a small water feature. The type and arrangement of the plants will determine whether you create a traditional or unusual effect.
  • Decorative garden tubs can offer a low-maintenance water garden option.

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