To the herbaceous veronicas mentioned in the previous section can now be added a few dwarf shrubs from New Zealand. All are perfectly easy in light soil and full sun, but it is worth remembering that the poorer the soil, the smaller and more compact they will remain. Only the smallest are included in the list below.

V. Astoni makes a dwarf tuft of small golden yellow leaves, which are more attractive than the inconspicuous white flowers. July. 3 in.

V. Bidwillii is a larger but still neat little shrub with small green leaves and white flowers on slender stems. Care should be taken to avoid the much bigger upstart which is sometimes found under this name. June. 6 in.

V. loganioides has heath-like foliage and relatively large white flowers. July. 6 in.

V. tetrasticha, a semi-erect little shrub with closely packed foliage, bears small white flowers in spikes. May and June. 6 in or less.

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