Varieties of Show Pansies

ALICE RUTHERFORD. A deep golden yellow self of great beauty.

BLUE BELL. A dark blue self colour of great beauty.

CHARLES MC’CRERIE. A belted variety, the ground colour is pale sulphur, with a margin of violet.

GOLDEN GIFT. The ground is rich yellow, the belting and upper petals being of violet.

JAMES FERGUSON. The ground is of rich Jersey cream colouring, the belting and upper petals being of violet.

JAMES GRAME. The ground is deep creamy-yellow, the belting and upper petals being deep purple.

JAMES RUTHERFORD. This is a pure yellow self.

JAMES THOM. An old favourite having a bright yellow ground, the belting and upper petals being of a chocolate-violet colour.

MAGGIE MYERS. A pure yellow self of fine form.

MRS PETER THOMSON. The ground is primrose-yellow with the margin and upper petals being rosy-purple.

As with the varieties of Show pansies, the Belgian and the Fancy pansies should bear a circular flower bloom with lovely smooth, velvet-like petals, lying evenly over one another. It is in this respect that the Exhibition pansies made most headway during the nineteenth century. The earliest introductions had a particularly ragged appearance, the petals being spaced apart from each other whilst the blooms were oval or long in shape rather than of a circular shape, which is the hallmark of the Exhibition pansy.

The two centre petals should reach well up on the two upper petals, whilst the lower petal should be broad and deep to give a balanced or even a circular effect to the bloom. There is no definition as to colourings. The chocolate colour or blotch of violet should almost cover the whole of the three lower petals with the exception of a wide margin which may be of any colour or of more than one colour. The top petals need not be the same colour as that of the margin of the lower petals and may be rose, cream, gold, purple or intermediate shades. The eye should be bright yellow and clearly defined.

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