Varieties of Saint Paulias

BEATRICE. A fine variety, the large double flowers being of deep purple-blue.

BIANCA. The blooms are single and are white, splashed with purple.

BICOLOR. Most unusual, the top petals being deep purple whilst the lower petals are pale mauve.

BLUE BOY. The single blooms are of an exquisite shade of bright blue with a striking yellow centre. One of the earliest introductions and still excellent.

BLUSHING MAIDEN. The double blooms are white, suffused with cerise-pink.

DOUBLE DELIGHT. The double blooms are produced with freedom and are of a lovely shade of mid-blue.

FANTASY. Unusual in that the large blooms are of palest mauve speckled with blue.

FINLANDIA. The blooms are single and are of deep amethyst-blue, the petals being attractively fringed.

GATTON PARK. Of very compact habit, the dark amethyst-blue flowers have striking golden stamens.

GREY BLUE. A lovely variety, the single blooms being of pale blue-grey, most attractive when growing close to the pink-flowered varieties.

GYPSY ALMA GIRL. It is a beauty, bearing bright lavender-blue flowers and has attractive bronze foliage.

HERMIONE. Very free-flowering, the double white blooms have an attractive mauve centre.

INDIANOLA. The blooms are single and large and are of a lovely pale lavender colour which is accentuated by the bottle-green foliage.

IRAS. The large blooms are double and are of a lovely shade of lavender-mauve.

LADY ANNE. Lovely in that the double blooms are of a pure lilac-mauve shade.

LADY GENEVA. One of the finest varieties, the large blooms being of an attractive shade of deep mauve-pink, the petals being shaded with white.

ORCHID BEAUTY. The large single blooms are a striking shade of bright reddish-violet.

PINK. IDEAL. Probably the best pink, the double blooms being of pure deep pink, a shade to be found in so few plants.

PINK PEARL. The single pink flowers are produced with freedom during fully eight months of the year.

PINK ROCKET. The blooms are double and of a deep rosy-pink colour. One of the best.

PUCK. Of compact habit, it has serrated leaves and bears masses of single mid-blue flowers.

PURPLE PRINCE. The deep purple blooms are double and are in bloom over a long period.

RAINBOW ROSE. Most attractive in that the double blooms are of white, heavily suffused with rose-pink.

RED COMET. A new introduction, it is a strong grower and quite outstanding, bearing very double blooms of a bright wine-red colour.

RUFFLED QUEEN. An unusual variety, the large double blooms are of deep purple with an attractive ruffled or waved edge.

SAILOR’S DELIGHT. A particular favourite, the blooms are double and of a soft shade of pale blue, the foliage being attractively serrated.

SILVER LINING. The first of an important new strain, producing masses of double flowers of richest blue, the petals being edged with white, like lace.

SNOW WHITE. Probably the best single white, the blooms being produced in profusion.

WHITE PRIDE. The best double white, the blooms being produced over a long period.

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