Varieties of Climbing Roses

Red and Crimson

ALLEN CHANDLER. It blooms early in summer and again in autumn, bearing large single blooms of bright crimson-red.

COUNTESS OF STRADDROKE. Of vigorous habit, it has glossy green foliage and bears large crimson blooms which are richly fragrant.

CRAMOISIE SUPERIEURE. An old China rose of vigorous habit, bearing its rich red blooms throughout summer and autumn.

DANSE DU FEU. This new climber will attain a height of 10 ft (3 m) and is one of the best of all climbing roses. Its vermilion coloured blooms are borne throughout summer and autumn and withstand both hot and wet weather. It is very hardy.

CLIMBING. DUQUESA DE PENARANDA. Possibly the best of the hybrid tea ‘sports’ for it is free-flowering and blooms throughout summer. The blooms are an attractive combination of scarlet and gold.

GUINEE. It does well in a sun-baked position and bears huge crimson-black flowers which possess a rich, fruity perfiune. It also has attractive crimson foliage.

HAMBURGER PHOENIX. Of vigorous habit, it has glossy dark green foliage and bears its crimson flowers in floribunda clusters throughout summer.

PARADE. A new double red which is extremely free flowering and enhanced by its glossy dark green foliage which is very resistant to disease.

PAUL’S SCARLET CLIMBER. Hardy and vigorous, it covers itself with bright rosy-scarlet blooms for about a month but is not perpetual flowering.

RED FLARE. Vigorous and perpetual flowering, this American climber bears large blooms of richest red.

SOLDIER BOY. Perpetual flowering, the single blooms are large and of a brilliant scarlet-red colour with golden anthers.

SOUVENIR DE CLAUDIUS DENOYEL. Almost like its offspring ‘Guinee’ except that it is of more vigorous habit. The almost black flowers possess the same delicious scent, but are not so freely produced.

THOR. It blooms with great freedom in summer but not in autumn. It is an excellent wall plant, soon reaching a height of 12 ft (3.5 m) and bears flowers similar to those of ‘Ena Harkness’.

ZWEIBRUCKEN. Vigorous, free flowering and very disease-resistant, its brilliant crimson blooms have a striking white eye.


ALOHA. Raised in the U.S.A., it has ‘New Dawn’ for a parent. The large, fragrant fully double blooms are of an attractive shade of bright rose pink borne with freedom through summer and autumn.

Rose et amour....rosa y amor ....rose d'amour ...

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CUPID. An interesting variety for a low wall. Its large single blooms with their yellow anthers are like water-lilies and are of a lovely shade of shell pink. After flowering in midsummer, the blooms turn to hips as large as tomatoes.

DREAM GIRL. The blooms are of unique colouring, being salmon-pink flushed with yellow and are borne over a long period.

FELLEMBERG. A noisette rose but extremely hardy and does well along wires to form a hedge. The deep reddish-pink blooms are produced during the latter six months of the year and are sweetly scented.

KATHLEEN HARROP. A wonderful pillar or hedge rose being a ‘Zephirine Drouhin’ ‘sport’. It bears large shell-pink blooms which are strongly perfumed.

LADY WATERLOW. It will attain a height of 12 ft (3.5 m) and bears its semi-double flowers of soft-pink edged with carmine in July and again in September.

MME GREGOIRE STAECITELIN. An outstanding wall rose for it is of vigorous habit and comes very early into bloom bearing masses of strongly fragrant bright rose-pink blooms. Even in a wet season the foliage remains free from mildew.

RADMONA. A ‘sport’ from ‘Sinica Anemone’, having the same attractive foliage and requiring the same conditions. It bears huge single blooms of vivid carmine-pink with golden stamens.

RENAL. An excellent wall rose being free flowering whilst it is almost thornless. The blooms are of an exquisite shade of grey-pink.

SINICA ANEMONE. It should be grown against a warm wall in a sheltered position. It bears single flowers of rich pink amidst attractive slender foliage.

ZEPIIIRINE DROUHTN. A bourbon and though raised in 1868 it remains one of the finest of all wall roses. The large, cabbage-like blooms of rose-pink are borne throughout summer in great profusion on thornless stems. The flowers are strongly scented.

Yellow and Gold

ELEGANCE. It will grow to a height of 20 ft (6 m) and throughout summer bears its clusters of pale yellow blooms which are handsomely pointed in the bud form.

EMILY GRAY. Its dark green glossy foliage is resistant to mildew, whilst it is one of the hardiest of all climbers. The double blooms are of a rich golden buff shade.

GLOIRE DE DIJON. It will grow to a height of 10 ft (3 m) on a north wall and bear its strongly scented yellow-orange flowers in profusion. Though more than a century old, some vigorous plants are still to be found at specialist nurseries. It blooms early and again very late.

CLIMBING GOLDILOCKS. A fine wall rose of floribunda form, its clusters of pure yellow flowers borne throughout summer and autumn.

LAWRENCE JOHNSTON. A fine but little known climber of strong, vigorous habit which will quickly cover a wall. It blooms most profusely early in summer, its flowers being of deep butter-yellow.

LEMON PILLAR. Like ‘Mme Staechelin’ it has the vigorous ‘Frau Karl Druschki’ for a parent, hence its vigour. The beautiful blooms are palest lemon, borne during July.

MEG. Though not quite so beautiful, may be said to be an easily grown ‘Mermaid’. The large yellow and pink blooms are produced with great freedom throughout the season. A new climbing rose with a great future.

Rose Drops

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MERMAID. Its glossy foliage and large single primrose-yellow blooms with their striking orange stamens make this a unique wall rose. It is, however, difficult to get started, the wood being brittle and it should never be pruned.

SILVER MOON. One of the most vigorous of all climbers, it will cover a wall to a height of 18 ft (5.5 m) and bears large fragrant primrose-yellow flowers.

SUN GOLD. A modern climber of vigorous habit. The brilliant golden blooms enhanced by the glossy green foliage, are produced throughout summer.

W. A. RICHARDSON. It needs a warm wall where it will make only a small amount of growth but its cream and apricot flowers are so richly fragrant that it is worth growing for their scent alone.


MME ALFRED CARRIERE. Almost a century old, and until the intro-duction of ‘Patricia Macoun’, it was the best white climber though the blooms may be said to be blush white. It will quickly cover a large wall and bear its large fragrant blooms through summer and autumn. It grows well in almost any soil.

PATRICIA MACOUN. This is a new climber and the first to bear pure white flowers. It is a hardy variety and is extremely free flowering besides being a vigorous grower. It is the ideal contrast for such brilliantly coloured climbers as ‘Danse du Feu’ and ‘Red Flare’.

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