Ulex, Gorse, Whin, Common Gorse

The Gorse or Whin, valuable for coastal planting and for a wind-swept situation. U. europaeus, the Common Gorse, grows 5 ft (1.5 m) tall and makes a dense prickly shrub with its spiny scale-like foliage. It bears brilliant yellow pea-like flowers intermittently throughout the year and is a blaze of colour from February until June. The double form is even more colourful. U. nanus is the Dwarf Gorse, which grows 18 in. (45 cm) tall and is most free flowering, being in bloom from August until Christmas. It should be planted in a dry sun-baked soil, with the autumn flowering heathers. It is valuable for coastal planting to bind the soiL

Plant in November from pots otherwise it will prove difficult to establish. Long-established and straggling plants should be cut hard back in May. Propagate by cuttings removed with a ‘heel’ and inserted in sandy compost under glass.

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