The Tree and Shrub Garden in Mid Autumn

In general, mid-autumn is a quiet time as far as shrubs and trees are concerned. Their growth has largely finished; the main planting and pruning season does not start until late autumn and much of mid-autumn’s work consists of finishing off, clearing up, harvesting and making preparations to make later work easier.

The emphasis at this time is on increasing your stock; you may be planting bought-in plants ordered from nurseries or container-grown plants picked up from garden centres. You may be planting cuttings and layers rooted earlier, in spring or summer, or you may be taking hardwood cuttings, using completely mature, new season’s shoots. Some roses can be propagated like this, as well as shrubs and climbers and if you want to put in a new hedge, hardwood cuttings are a much less expensive way of obtaining it. For all these, soil preparation will be required, whether you plant later this season or during late autumn.

Harvesting fruit will continue and most apples and pears picked now will be storable. Mulching the trees after picking, or mowing for the last time before winter, and tying-in the wall-trained fruit will be the remaining jobs on the fruit front. A little spraying to control peach leaf-curl, if present, is done now; other troubles will be few.

30. August 2011 by admin
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