The Shrub and Tree Garden in Mid Summer

Early summer and mid-summer are the main seasons for large-flowered, cluster-flowered and shrub roses, old and new. The latter flower in mid-summer and some kinds will continue to flower for the rest of the summer, following their first heavy flush of blooms. Some of the climbers are repeat-flowering, too.

Mid-summer is also the time when there is a new wave of shrub-blooming; after the spring flowers, the fuchsias, hydrangeas, hypericums, hebes, hibiscus and many other plants which prefer summer warmth come into their own and decorate the garden all over again. Fruit, such as cherries, mulberries and the very earliest pears and apples will begin to ripen. Towards the end of mid-summer in sheltered places, picking of the early varieties of peaches, apricots and nectarines can start.

Much of the month’s work consists of routine jobs but pruning takes on a new pattern, as the restricted fruit trees begin to need their summer cutting, cherries require their annual pruning and the hybrid tea and floribunda roses need treatment after flowering. There will still be a little pruning of flowering shrubs, left over from early summer, and some hedges may need trimming.

If you have plants which you would like to increase, mid-summer is the time to start taking what are known as semi-ripe cuttings from shrubs, and to start budding roses. It is also a good time to order new stock from the nurseries, to make sure that it arrives when you want it to, in the autumn.

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