The Flower Garden in Mid Spring

This season can be one in which plants really start to grow, so that you can be very busy, both outdoors and in the greenhouse. Sometimes, on the other hand, new growth is slower to appear and extend, because the weather is dry and cold with east winds, although sunny. Flowers appearing at this time will last longer, but growing plants from seed outdoors can be more difficult than in early spring. Although half-hardy annuals can be sown outside towards the end of mid-spring, it is often better not to be in too much of a hurry with them and to wait until late spring.

Planting is safer, but even so, herbaceous perennials may need aftercare in the form of watering, though summer droughts are a long way off. Rock garden plants will not mind chilly conditions if these occur, but their more fragile roots will affect their ability to absorb water, so they will also need watching.

Another major job in mid-spring is making a lawn from seed; this is one of the best times to sow grass seed, especially for colder regions where autumn-sown grass seed is less likely to produce a good lawn. Here again, germination can be dodgy, as it is quite possible to sow grass seed and then not have it germinate for three weeks, because of lack of rain.

You will find that conditions in the greenhouse are getting rather crowded, if you have let your enthusiasm run away with you. Seeds will be germinating, seedlings will need pricking out, pricked-out plants will need potting, so will rooted cuttings, new growth will be providing cutting material, and plants put to sprout will need potting. Provided the temperature is rising outdoors, some of these can go into frames, but if it remains cold, you will have to do some expert juggling and fitting in.

Insect pests of all kinds will be hatching or emerging from winter dormancy and a few diseases will begin to appear, quickly or slowly, depending on the temperature. Be ready to deal with these, if they look like getting out of hand.

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