The Flower Garden in Mid Autumn

By the time mid-autumn comes, in temperate climates, most of the plant growth for the spring and summer is finished and it is time to clear the garden up and make it ready for the winter. Summer bedding displays will be over, the last of the early-flowering chrysanthemums will have been picked and the first frosts blacken the dahlias and remind us that winter is only a few weeks away.

Protection needs to be given as soon as possible to the slightly tender plants that have been outdoors in pots all summer. Heat will be needed at night in the greenhouse and occasionally during the day towards the end of mid-autumn, earlier in the colder and more northern gardens. Plants in the greenhouse have been watered a good deal during the summer but now will gradually cease to extend their growth, so the job of providing them with moisture will be much less demanding.

Before last month’s false-spring growth comes to an end, some mulching and feeding of permanent plants and those intended for spring displays can be done; if encouraged to build up larger crowns in a last spurt before winter, they will come through the cold weather much better, flower earlier and more profusely.

Another clearing-up job that will start towards the end of mid-winter is leaf removal from lawns, paths and drives but in borders and beds, where there are herbaceous perennials and bulbs planted, the leaves can be a very good protective mulch. For annuals and biennials, however, they should be removed, otherwise such small plants will be smothered.

The lawn is another major area which will not require much work, as grass growth slows down markedly; there is still just time to make a new lawn from seed and if you are planning to make one from turf, the soil for this can be prepared now, ready for turfing in late autumn.

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