The Flower Garden in Late Winter

Although the ground outdoors may be frozen hard or covered in snow at this time of the year, you can start the gardening season in the greenhouse, especially if you have a cool greenhouse, ie. one which has a little artificial heat supplied, to keep the temperature at about 4-7°C (40-45°F) minimum.

Seeds of half-hardy annuals can be sown in a heated propagator and tuberous greenhouse plants can be put to sprout, with warmth. Tender annuals sown last summer or autumn will be coming up to flowering and will need more water. Cuttings of some plants can be taken now for the first time; chrysanthemums will continue to provide shoots for cuttings. Compost can be mixed up ready for use later this season or during early spring.

Watering of plants in the greenhouse will gradually need to be increased from about the middle of the season and some plants can be given their annual pruning. Late winter is the usual time of the year to prune or cut back many potted plants, though some are better done in autumn as soon as flowering has finished.

If the weather is not cold, then it is likely to be wet, but on non-rainy days, turf can still be laid to produce a lawn. Established lawns can be topped occasionally as they have been through the early part of the winter, but from next month, prepare for the frequency of cutting to increase. A little outdoor planting is possible, if the soil is in suitable condition.

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