The Flower Garden in Early Winter

It is a debatable point whether early winter or mid-winter is the quietest season in the flower garden: probably mid-winter, since that is when snow or hard frost tends to make it impossible to do any cultivation. In such weather plants certainly will not be growing and the majority of the herbaceous types will be underground, well out of the way of trouble.

Early winter, however, is still likely to have relatively reasonable weather; there may be some very wet days, and occasional frosty nights, but it should still be possible to get out and do some cultivation and some final tidying up. The grass can be lightly mown on established lawns and turf can be laid for new ones. Lawns seeded in the autumn may also need some attention.

It is a good season to undertake major construction jobs, such as building a rock garden, starting an excavation for a pool or re-designing the layout of beds and borders. Woodwork for the garden, such as pergolas, fences, arches and supports for climbers can be made and put into position and repairs done to any which already exist. However, any work which involves the making and laying of concrete should wait; because of the risk of frost, it is not a winter job and should be fitted in, if possible, with the summer or early autumn work.

The warmth in the greenhouse will ensure that there is still growing life in there and besides plants currently in flower, there will be others coming on for the weeks after Christmas and the beginning of spring. These will all need attention on most days and the greenhouse environment itself needs careful management, juggling with the necessities of warmth, light, ventilation and water and at the same time warding off pest attack. Plants in frames should not be forgotten; al-though hardier, they also need light, fresh air and protection from the coldest frosts.

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