The Everlasting Garden

Many flowers have everlasting features – their stems, leaves or seed heads often persist well after the plant itself has died; but some are so striking they are specially grown for indoor decoration.

Grasses: until recently, only a few grasses were grown widely for decorative purposes. The maize is the largest. Buy a variety with multicoloured cobs. Grasses should be sown in boxes and transplanted, otherwise they may be pulled up mistakenly for weeds.

Shrubs: we illustrate shrub rose gallica versicolor which has attractive hips that last a long time. The enormous beige mops of the dead hydrangea flowers last indefinitely indoors. Large herbaceous plants: the foxglove, the hollyhock and so forth. Their tall spires will last a long time indoors. Acanthus mollis, bear’s breeches, is a handsome plant whose statuesque flower heads look everlasting even when alive. The achilleas, yarrows, have flattish panicle heads composed of many flowers. The heads can be left or dyed. Some of the Erygiums, sea hollies, are large plants, others medium-sized. Their dried, prickly appearance is most distinctive.

Small herbaceous plants: Honesty has already been lauded in Stage 13. Alchemillas, Lady’s mantles, are a favourite of the indoor floral arranger. The limoniums, sea lavenders, known as statice, are frequently dyed, though there is a wide natural colour range. Nearly all the poppies provide decora-tive seed heads. Catananche should be planted in a sunny position.

Annuals: the helichysums are the true everlasting flowers, which if cut just at full flower and hung head down to dry, will retain much of their original and various colours. Nigella, love-in-a-mist, is an example of an annual with bizarre dried seed heads. Moluccella, Irish bells, is related to the nettle. The whole plant can be cut and dried.

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