Tender and Early Perennial Fruits

Tender and early perennial fruits

Almost any fruit can be grown under cover to extend the season, or just to keep off the birds. Traditionally, currants and berries sold in the markets were forced months before their season.

Cherries are well worth growing in pots and only need moving under cover when in flower or with ripening fruit. Peaches kept indoors all winter, escape peach leaf curl, and in spring the flowers are protected from the frosts. The plants can go out once it’s warm to return just for the few weeks when the fruit is ripening.

Some fruits merit special attention:

growing strawberries under cover Strawberries are probably the most rewarding crop to have under cover. You can have them planted out in borders under cover but they soon get miffy. Far better to pot up runners in summer, grow these on in big pots outdoors and bring them in from late winter on for very early forced crops.

Alpine strawberries force easily, as do most summer fruiters. The autumn fruiters ripen fruits better and for longer if they are grown in pots and taken in well before the first frost. For those who strive ambitiously against the greatest disadvantages, the newer day-length neutral varieties may make it marginally easier to achieve that dream of fresh strawberries in mid-winter.

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