TAMARIX (TAMARISK) as a Hedgeplant

(D = deciduous leaf losing and E = evergreen)

A very graceful, feathery plant, excellent for seaside districts, since it withstands salt winds admirably. Inland, it thrives even in poor and limy soil. Clipping in February or March will improve its appearance.

Tamarix anglica (E), 8 ft., a fairly erect plant. Pinkish-white flowers in July and August. New wood is reddish-brown. Plant small specimens from October to March 1-1/2 to 2 ft. apart.

T. gallica (semi-E). Similar in habit and height to T. anglica, but the young wood is darker, making an even sharper contrast with the fresh green, feathery foliage. Plant from October to March. 

Tamarix gallica in flower

Tamarix gallica in flower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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