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Types of Garden Soil

ACID Such a soil will be of high acid reaction. It will be well-drained in winter and be retentive of moisture in summer but unless some preparation is done to counteract the acidity, it will grow only a limited range … Continue reading

04. July 2017 by admin
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Right Conditions for a Successful Garden

Range of Conditions and Sites While other sections of this website deal in rather greater detail with shady gardens and other garden areas and sites posing particular problems, it is worth considering the possible diversity of the garden scene. So … Continue reading

10. May 2011 by admin
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Soils, Composts and Fertilizers

Soils, Composts and Fertilizers As with all plants, aquatics will directly reflect the quality of the medium in which they are growing. Special aquatic planting composts are available, but in most cases carefully prepared garden soil will be quite satisfactory. … Continue reading

17. March 2011 by admin
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