Sweet Cherry : Prunus avium

Primus avium is native to Europe and belongs to the Rosaceae family. Recently new, slower-growing forms of have been developed that are ideal for growing in containers. Although sweet cherries are hardy, the blossoms are vulnerable to spring frost.

It grows best in well-drained, fertile soil. It must be watered regularly and fed every two weeks during the growing season. It is very important that it should be placed in sunny position. The soil should never be allowed to dry out because the plants cannot get any more water from the ground. Neither should they be overshadowed by other trees because this would diminish the yield and aroma.

Sweet cherries are pruned to the desired shape when young although not too early on. It is advisable to protect the tree from the birds while the fruit is developing by covering it with a net. It is propagated by grafting, a skill that is best left to the experts.

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