Sparaxis Bulbs

This small genus of South African origin produces flowers of such brilliant colour combinations that it is often referred to as the Harlequin Flower.

Sparaxis are closely related to ixias although they have larger flowers, averaging 2 in. across, and shorter stems, 6 to 9 in. in height. The narrow foliage is both colourful and graceful. The colour combinations of these soft, delicate flowers are very pleasing and a tremendous asset to the garden from late June into August.

The small globular corms should be planted from the beginning of April onwards, about 3 in. deep and 3 in. apart in light, well-drained soil in sheltered and sunny positions. They like protection in frosty weather.

There are now many beautiful varieties and the most economical and colourful purchase is a mixture. If you want to try a named hybrid, Fire King has flaming red flowers with conspicuous yellow pencillings. These flowers look particularly lovely in the rock garden where they are a delightful addition.


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