Six Top Tips for Growing Tomato Plants from Seed

  1. One of the best methods for sowing tomato seed is by a method known as ‘space-sowing’. It is a process by which tomato seeds are sown to prevent overcrowding, which can result in weak, spindly seedlings.

  2. When pricking out a tomato seedling, hold the plant by a leaf rather than the stem, which can otherwise be very easily damaged.
  3. It is a good idea to support young ring-culture tomato plants with the aid of strings attached to galvanised hooks and overhead wires. When twisting the main stem of a tomato plant around its supporting string, make sure you check it regularly, as the plant grows fast and will need attention.

    Tomato-plant (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  4. Sideshoots must be removed as soon as they can be handled – they should be snapped off cleanly without tearing the main stem.
  5. After planting out young tomato plants in the special bottomless pots used for ring culture, they will require an initial watering to settle the plants into their new containers, however, all subsequent water is given to the aggregate base on which they stand.
  6. From the time the plants begin to develop their flower buds, they should be fed with liquid or soluble fertiliser once a week.
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