Shrubs and Trees in Late Summer

Most activity in late summer is related to fruit crops, rather than ornamentals; you will find that much of your time is taken up with picking and harvesting various kinds of tree fruits. A good deal of the pruning needed is associated with the fruits, too, if you are growing the restricted forms, such as fans, espaliers and cordons.

There will still be a little shrub pruning; late summer is the season for trimming formal hedges, both deciduous and evergreen. The fast-growing kinds may be needing their third clip and some deadheading and sucker removal will still also be necessary.

Semi-ripe cuttings of many shrubs, including climbers, can be taken now. At this time of the year, they have the best chance of rooting and surviving, while conditions are still warm and there is plenty of time for them to build up a good root system and top growth. Other methods of increase include budding early in the season and layering.

The pest and disease war will begin to peter out and though you may still be fighting off mildew, earwigs and woolly aphis, the remaining plant troubles will definitely be diminishing. Many pests will have come to the end of their life-cycle and will be looking for suitable places in which to winter. Birds and wasps will be problems on the fruit, particularly the wall-grown crops.

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