Shrub and Tree Gardens in Early Autumn

Quite often at this time of the year some of the spring-flowering shrubs bloom again. Repeat-flowering of large-flowered and cluster-flowered roses is almost taken for granted now, but Mexican orange blossom (choisya), ceanothus, weigela and berberis may produce more bloom and even wisteria has the occasional flower cluster on it late in the season. This revival of growth is not confined to flowering; new leaves and shoots sprout, orchard swards often start to grow again and some hedges may even need another clip.

Plants seem to be taking in one last helping of food and consolidating the season’s growth in preparation for the winter. It is a good idea to take advantage of this and mulch all top fruit and any plants which were not so treated in late spring. Although not standard practice, a dressing of potash-high fertilizer now could just tip the balance between the formation of flower or fruit buds, instead of vegetative buds, next spring and summer.

The main pruning consists of treating the rambler roses, though there is still some general summer pruning of fruit to finish. Hedges will need clipping, if this has not already been done in late summer.

The main planting season is not far away and soil can be prepared now for a good many shrubs and climbers and also for rooted layers and plants formed from cuttings. Routine jobs will continue to tail off; most of them will come to an end this season.

30. August 2011 by admin
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