Shrub and Tree Garden in Early Summer

Early summer is a glorious time in any garden and particularly so where roses and other flowering shrubs are garden features. Large-flowered and cluster-flowered roses, polyanthas, climbers, ramblers, miniatures and the old garden roses provide a tremendous variety of flower colour, fragrance and shape. By making a careful choice it is possible to have roses in flower from late spring until the end of autumn and even then the modern bush roses will often go on producing blooms beyond late autumn. It is not unknown in some gardens to pick the last rose of summer in early winter.

The early-summer-flowering shrubs such as philadelphus (mock orange), rock roses, honeysuckle, clematis, escallonia and weigela overlap the late-spring-flowering sorts and, with sunshine and warmth, the display should draw praise even from the vegetable fanatic, who usually only sees beauty in a well-grown row of spinach or football-sized lettuces.

It is a good season to take time off working in the garden; let the plants get on with growing themselves and wander round the garden to enjoy it and plan some replanting or redesigning. With the roses particularly, you can see if there are any mistakes or gaps during the next few weeks.

Watering begins to be an important job; some feeding will be needed and control of growth by various discreet forms of pruning will still be necessary for shrubs, hedges, fruit and climbers. Some propagation from cuttings will begin to be possible, as new growth becomes established on most plants by now. Pest and disease control becomes less alarming; the onslaughts from the first spring hatches will lose their intensity as insects come to the end of their first — or perhaps only — life-cycle.

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