Sedum Sieboldii Medio-Variegatum (Variegated Ice Plant, October Plant)

(Crassuluceae) origin: Japan

An extremely easy and attractive plant, which is also widely used in hanging baskets and out-of-doors window-boxes in summer. A bushy plant with long, thin stems surrounded at intervals by round, blue-grey leaves, variegated cream at the centre. If the plant becomes dry out-of-doors in hot sunshine, the leaves take on a deep reddish tinge. Pinkish-red flowers-appear in the autumn before the plant dies down. The plant may then be left dry for the winter in a cool greenhouse or outside in a sheltered position. In early March repot into a pot one size larger and water, and growth will recommence.

Will withstand any conditions and treatment, from sunlight to shade and from over-watering to drought, but ideally the soil should be kept just moist and allowed to dry out completely between waterings. Will do best if kept in a cool place, but will tolerate a hot, dry atmosphere.

12. February 2013 by admin
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