Recommended Rambler, Climber and Miniature Roses

Ramblers and Climbers

The following varieties are most suitable for pillars. They are moderate growers and bloom more or less continuously.

Aloha, deep pink, fragrant; Climbing Goldilocks, yellow; Climbing Shot Silk, pink and yellow, fragrant; Coral Dawn, coral-pink; Danse du Feu, orange-scarlet; Dortmund, single, red with white eye; Golden Showers, yellow; Hamburger Phoenix, crimson; Maigold, bronze-yellow, fragrant; New Dawn, light pink, fragrant; Norwich Salmon, salmon-pink and gold; Royal Gold, deep yellow; Sander’s White, white; Zweibrucken, deep crimson.

Other varieties such as the following, though primarily suited to arches and pergolas as they are very vigorous, will still bloom freely if restricted to a pillar.

Albertine, coppery-pink, fragrant; Crimson Shower, crimson; Dorothy Perkins, light pink; Guinee, blackish- crimson, fragrant; Paul’s Scarlet Climber, scarlet-crimson.

The following are suitable varieties for walls. For an cast or north wall the first choice is Mermaid, sulphur-yellow, single. A slow starter which dislikes pruning, usually very vigorous after a year or so. Flowering is continuous and resistance to both black spot and mildew is exceptional.

The climbing sports of hybrid teas and floribundas, especially the deep flesh-pink Climbing Lady Sylvia (fragrant), Climbing Crimson Glory (fragrant), and the crimson Climbing Etoile de Hollande are useful for south or west walls, provided that the growths are spread fan- wise or horizontally. The creamy-yellow Elegance is also suitable.

Recommended Miniature Roses

A representative collection would include Cinderella, pearly-white, tinted carmine; Coralin, coral-red; Dwarf King, blood-red; Dwarf Queen, rose-pink; Mon Petit, cherry-red; Pour Toi, creamy-white; Red Riding Hood, velvety crimson; Rosina (syn. Josephine Wheatcroft), deep yellow, is taller than other varieties, growing to 14 or 15 in.; Simple Simon, deep carmine; Sweet Fairy, apple-blossom pink.

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