Recommended Hybrid Teas


Allegro is a vivid geranium-red, with very long-lasting blooms, borne on firm stems. It is excellent for cutting.

Ena Harkness, happiest on light or medium soils, flowers very freely, holds its colour and is disease-resistant. The stems tend to droop in hot weather. The scent is elusive.

Super Star, a rose of vivid, light vermilion which shows up at a considerable distance. It is very fragrant and is long-lasting when cut.

Chrysler Imperial, Crimson Glory, Josephine Bruce, Milord, Mme. Louise Laperriere and Papa Meilland, all reliable crimsons and scented.


Margaret, a tall plant with very full blooms.

Michele Meilland, dainty, pearly-pink flowers, first rate for cutting and for buttonholes.

Picture, a short grower bearing numerous perfectly-shaped, rose-pink flowers with reflexed petals.

First Love, Grace de Monaco, Silver Lining and Stella, all distinct and well scented.


Eden Rose, extra vigorous but inclined to produce a proportion of split blooms, although others are superb. The scent is elusive.

Mischief, a new deep salmon with long-lasting, high-centred blooms.

Montezuma, salmon-red, taller than most and intolerant of rain.

Pink Favourite, very tolerant of wet weather.

Prima Ballerina, fragrant, and Paris-Match are both good.

Wendy Cussons, richly scented, cerise- pink blooms, indifferent to weather extremes.


McGredy’s Yellow, an indispensable variety, fragrant and rarely gives a disappointing flower.

Sutter’s Gold, the only strongly-scented yellow variety, produces gorgeous reddish-gold buds, opening to light yellow blooms with pink flushes.

Gertrude Gregory, Golden Giant, Isobel Harkness, Kingcup, King’s Ransom, Spek’s Yellow and Summer Sunshine, all deep yellows of high merit.


Beaute Bettina, Cover Girl, Lady Belper, Marigold and Mojave are among the best varieties.


Gail Borden, huge, long-lasting flowers of light pink and pale yellow.

Miss Ireland, a biscuit-coloured combination of orange-salmon and creamy-yellow.

Piccadilly, the finest red and yellow, blooms profusely and is unmarked by drenching rain or blazing sun.

Westminster, rosy-crimson and yellow, dependable and pleasantly fragrant.


Grand’mere Jenny, large, slender blooms of a warm blend of pink and yellow.

Mrs. Sam McGredy, an incomparable mixture of scarlet and coppery-orange heavily flushed with red. Prefers medium-to-heavy soil.

My Choice, a very fragrant newcomer, a combination of salmon-pink and buff yellow.

Peace, a famous variety in which yellow, cream and pink are the predominating shades. Makes big branching plants, best planted about 1-½ ft. apart.

Perfecta, extra large, high-centred blooms of cream, rose-pink and yellow, which last nearly a week when cut. Buds are disappointing, but the developing flowers are unsurpassed for quality.

Shot Silk, a mixture of pink and yellow shades and a unique perfume suggesting lemon and verbena.


Memoriam, white with pale pink tinges, dislikes rain.

Message and Virgo, both impervious to heavy rain, unlike the older whites.

Ophelia, creamy-white with pale pink flushes and a fragrance reminiscent of honey.


At present there is no variety which could be described as a pure blue, but it is probable that hybridists working to this end will produce such a rose eventually. Meanwhile there are several notable hybrid teas in shades of grey, lilac and lavender.

Lilac Time and Sterling Silver are both excellent for cutting and are agreeably fragrant, the latter with a scent which is suggestive of sweet peas. Sterling Silver tends to open rather quickly in warm weather.

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