Quick Tips for Growing Grape Vines


A grape vine is an interesting plant for a greenhouse border, however if space in the greenhouse is limited, it can be grown in a large pot. If you are considering growing a grapevine, the following tips will help:

Stopping is essential to keep a vine under control, and shoots should be pinched back to two leaves beyond the flower.

When pruning vines, all sideshoots made in the previous season, should be cut back to within one or two buds of their base.

All the loose bark on a vine should be rubbed away after pruning to prevent insect pests hiding under it during the winter.

Preparing vine eyes is a relatively easy and straight-forward procedure – strong sideshoots need to be cut up into small pieces, each bearing a single bud or an ‘eye’. Then the cut edges should be trimmed with a sharp knife and the resulting pieces should be placed into pots of sandy compost to root.

Young Grape Vine

Young Grape Vine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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