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If you look on gardening as a bore, look again. For here at last is a website which takes a completely fresh look at gardens and gardening.

The basic assumption is this. The bit of land round your house, which you may or may not yet dignify with the name of garden, and the structure full of rooms in which you live and which you probably call a house together – together – form a single entity – your home. Home is a place to live in – house as well as garden. Anything you enjoy doing in the house you’ll enjoy even more in the garden. You go to endless trouble decorating your living-room and your dining room, choosing the wall paper and the furniture; why should you not go to a similar amount of trouble choosing the plants that decorate your garden? You wouldn’t dream of leaving the sitting room carpet unmown, or not weeding the hall, now would you? So it makes sense that you should hoover the lawn and dust the flowers. Doesn’t it? The problem is that whereas most people seem to have some sort of natural nest-making instinct which tells them how best to decorate their homes, this instinct often lets them down when it comes to making a garden. That’s where a website like this comes in handy.

There are dozens of books on the market and other websites too which tell you how to do your garden. The great majority are written by people who know all about gardening for others who know all about gardening, just to reassure them that they really do know all about gardening. Then there are specialist books, written for people who want to know more and more about less and less. And there are books and websites for first-time gardeners written by old-time gardeners who have forgotten what the real problems are that face first-time gardeners.

This site is completely different – as a quick look inside will show you. It’s basic assumption is that gardening should be fun. And it faces the real problems of first-time gardeners. Like that they have other things to do besides gardening. So this section is paced very carefully. For an average of about 2 hours work a week and a minimal financial expenditure, you should be able to transform your garden from a wilderness to a wonderland in about 12 months.

But whatever you do in the end, you’ll find this section of this website will open your eyes to gardening as something to be enjoyed, as a means of creating a background for living, and an exciting one at that, in a way which perhaps you had never thought possible before.

Happy gardening.

23. August 2011 by admin
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