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The plants in these lists are grouped to suit the differing ways they are used in the garden types featured within this site. Firstly they are divided into plants that tolerate either sun or shade, or plants that prefer one or the other: if a sunny or shady border is to be planted, you will need to choose plants to suit these conditions. Under each heading the plants are divided into evergreen or deciduous, so that you can achieve a balance between spring and summer colour and the substance of evergreen shrubs in winter; then they are subdivided by ‘habit’. This is vital in a low maintenance garden as it will tell you if it will keep the weeds down itself or if it needs underplanting.

Accent plants get a separate listing as they are so necessary to stop any planting being dull. If your border has few flowers, bold foliage or form is the answer.

Trees, bulbs, alpines and herbs have their own separate needs, so they get their own sections.

The plants are arranged to make it as easy as possible to design your own borders a) where there are no planting plans or b) if your garden has a different orientation to the plan. Most of the plants on the plans are included, with a few others for you to try out. Planting should be fun. Be adventurous. If you don’t like the results make notes during the summer and re-arrange the plants in the autumn.


The plants are arranged by height in each group

1. Sun or shade tolerant (but not deep shade)

1A. Shrubs – Evergreen – Dense and weed suppressing

1B. Shrubs – Evergreen – Need underplanting

1C. Shrubs – Deciduous – Dense and weed suppressing

1D. Shrubs – Deciduous – Need underplanting

1E. Herbaceous perennials – Ground cover

1F. Herbaceous perennials – Clumpy

1G. Climbers

2. Plants for sun

2A. Shrubs – Evergreen – Dense and weed suppressing

2B. Shrubs – Evergreen – Need underplanting

2C. Shrubs – Deciduous – Dense and weed suppressing

2D. Shrubs – Deciduous – Need underplanting

2E. Herbaceous perennials – Ground cover

2F. Herbaceous perennials – Clumpy

2G. Climbers

3. Plants for shade

3A. Shrubs – Evergreen – Dense and weed suppressing

3B. Shrubs – Evergreen – Need underplanting

3C. Shrubs — Deciduous – Dense and weed suppressing

3D. Shrubs – Deciduous – Need underplanting

3E. Herbaceous perennials – Ground cover

3F. Plerbaceous perennials – Clumpy

3G. Climbers

4. Accent Plants – Shrubs

5. Accent Plants – Herbaceous perennials

6. Small trees

6A. Trees – Evergreen

6B. Trees – Deciduous

7. Bulbs

8. Alpines

9. Herbs

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