(deciduous leaf-losing) 

The well-loved mock orange, which bears very fragrant flowers, is often incorrectly called “syringa”, the latin name of the lilac. Plant in a good garden soil from October to February. Prune after flowering by removing some of the old flowered shoots.

Philadelphia coronarius, 10 ft., a leafy shrub with small, creamy-white, very fragrant flowers in early June.

P.c. Aureus, 5 to 8 ft., greenish-gold leaves and white flowers.

P. purpureo-maculatus, 6 to 8 ft. or more, white flowers with purple-blotched centres. The largest flowers are found among the hybrids, and the following kinds, which unlike some hybrids have a true strong fragrance, are recommended:

Beauclerk, 6 to 8 ft., white flowers with purple centres.

Belle Etoile, 6 to 8 ft., white flowers with purple centres.

Enchantment, 6 to 8 ft., double white flowers.

Sybille, 6 to 8 ft., bearing white flowers with purple centres on arching branches.

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