Pears | Pyrus communis

Pears have been cultivated for many centuries but they have never acquired the importance of their relatives, the apples. The reason is that their storage capability is not as good and the fact that the trees need more care and attention.


Pears (Photo credit: born1945)

A pear tree requires fertile, humus-rich soil and a sunny, warm position where it is sheltered from the cold. In addition, it does not tolerate low temperatures or being waterlogged. The blossom is particularly vulnerable to late frosts. Early varieties are more robust than late ones. The best varieties are grafted on slow-growing stocks such as the “Conference” dessert pear or the autumn variety “Kostliche von Charneu”. Most of these are available as container plants. The fact that most pears have a French name is because many varieties were developed in France and Belgium between 1700 and 1900. Being self-pollinating, the plants benefit from the extra boost of hand-pollination.

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