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Ornamental Grasses

There is one further sector of the perennials that should be mentioned. Ornamental grasses play a large part in setting the stage of a well-planned garden, and there is a rapidly increasing interest in their scope and value. Pampas grass is undoubtedly the best known, with its graceful ostrich-feathery white plumes. Bear in mind that though most of them lose their attractive ‘plumes’ in winter, in many cases they do retain some semblance of a plant.

Among the better ones is Avena candida, with bluish-evergreen leaves. And a pleasant flower spray adds decoration for most of the summer. Carex morrowii has yellow-edged leaves, which retain their colour all through the year.


Hakonchloa macra albo aurea is a beauty with yellow and cream striped leaves having a graceful arched or hanging effect, but it is slow to get established. A quick-growing one is Miscanthus sacchariflorus, with leafy canes not unlike bamboo. Though it dies down, it can grow as much as 3m (10ft) in a season.

There are many more, and it is best to consult a specialist’s list before deciding, but you could do worse than rely on the old favourite, bamboo, a shrubby grass that will easily and quickly form a screen or clump 3m (10ft) or more high. Or, depending on the variety you choose, you can have one growing to only 45 cm (1-1/2ft). The leaves make a very pleasant sound when caught by the breeze and the ripe canes are ideal pea and bean sticks. But bamboo is very incursive, and quite difficult to keep under control once allowed to become overgrown —you get some idea of what it must be like in the jungle!

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