Muscari (Grape Hyacinths)


The Grape Hyacinths or muscari are easy to grow, flourishing in well-cultivated soil, preferably one enriched with old manure or compost. Ideal for edgings to the flower border and the rock garden, they normallyincrease fairly quickly by the offsets which form at the base and side of the bulbs. Some varieties can be grown in pots or pans in the cold greenhouse and are suitable for forcing.

Muscari armeniacum Heavenly Blue is one of the best. Flowering in April, it bears 8-in. spikes of fragrant bright gentian blue which are useful for cutting. A newer form is M. armeniacum Cantab with clear Cambridge-blue blooms on sturdy stems 6 in. high. M. azureum produces 6-in. spikes of bright blue flowers from the end of February. M. botryoides caeruleum, or the Italian Grape Hyacinth, bears pretty 6-in. spikes of dark blue, bell-shaped flowers from the end of March, while M. botryoides album, white, is an excellent contrast.


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