Monstera Deliciosa Borsigiana (Mexican Breadfruit, Swiss Cheese Plant, Window Leaf)

(Araceae) origin: Mexico

An accommodating and popular plant, with a thick round stem and drooping dark green leaves, which hang from side stems about 12 to 15 in. long. The leaves are about 12 in. long and 10 in. wide, and are an elongated heart-shape. They are deeply cut between the side veins almost to the mid-rib, and mature plants will, ideally, produce holes in the leaves near the mid-rib between the cuts. The serration of the  leaves causes the plant to throw intriguing shadows when subjected to angled  lighting. Thick aerial roots in search of support and moisture grow from the stem opposite to the leaf stems. Those near the bottom should be trained down into the soil in the pot; those farther up the stem should be trained up a mossed stake. Frequent repotting is unnecessary unless the plant becomes top-heavy, and should then only be carried out in spring or early summer. If fed and watered regularly, a monstera will continue to grow in a small pot; one experimental specimen was kept in a 5-in. pot for four years, until it was over 7 ft. tall.

Fenestration seen in Monstera deliciosa

The plant likes shade or semi-shade, and should be moist but never too wet, particularly in winter. A temperature of 60° F. (16° C.) or over is ideal, but it will withstand lower temperatures. Feed regularly during the growing season with a liquid fertilizer; growth will cease during the winter. In the early part of the year some leaves will be without cuts or perforations, and although these will appear in leaves produced later, they will be less numerous if the plant is grown in the house than if it is raised in a greenhouse.

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