Mid Winter in the Tree and Shrub Garden

Mid-winter is not a good time for outdoor gardening; if the ground is not covered in snow, it is likely to be frozen hard or so wet that it is waterlogged. There are often strong and penetratingly cold winds blowing or thick mist or fog, making it thoroughly unpleasant to be out-of-doors. However, the occasional, sunny, less cold day does occur and mid-winter can be unnaturally mild, resulting in cold and snow in early and mid-spring.

When the weather does improve, you can take the opportunity to finish pruning, do some basic digging and even plant, if the soil is workable; otherwise heel the plants in.

Weather damage should be checked and plant protection, supports and ties reinforced or repaired. Fruit in store should not be forgotten, neither should stratified seeds.

Once pruning is finished, tree fruit can have a winter wash applied to it, if thought necessary. However, unless moss and lichen on the bark of the trees has become very thick, it is preferable to rely on a lightning attack with a spray during the growing season, and let the beneficial insects do most of the work for you.

30. August 2011 by admin
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