Lilium in the Greenhouse

There are a number of lilies which respond well to greenhouse treatment without a lot of heat. Among the best of these is Lilium auratum and its forms, and Lilium longiflorum which also has several forms including giganteum and harrisii, the latter sometimes being known as the Easter Lily. Other good lilies are Lilium lancifolium (speciosum) and several of its forms including rubrum, roseum and melpomene. Lilium regale is also first class in pots and has the advantage of being heavily scented. It grows 3 to 4 ft. high and the large, white trumpets have a golden band in the centre. Other taller lilies include Lilium henryi, orange-yellow.

Among the newer hybrids the following four varieties are easily grown in 5 or 6-in. pots in an ordinary living room as well as in a cold greenhouse. Keep them under cool conditions until growth is about an inch high. They are also suitable for growing out of doors.

Enchantment, 2 to a ft. Large, upright flowers of blazing nasturtium red. Vigorous, prolific and outstanding for pots or garden.

Harmony, 2 to 3 ft. Large, wide-petalled, upright flowers in rich, brilliant, orange shades.

Prosperity, 3 ft. Outward-facing lemon-yellow flowers. Vigorous, increasing quickly.

Paprika, 2 to 3 ft. Outward-facing large flowers of deep, rich crimson. Vigorous.

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