Lawn Maintenance in Mid Autumn

Make the most of fine spells to dig the ground, clear fallen leaves and fading annuals, and divide perennials.

Mid autumn is usually wet, windy and cloudy, though the weather is often calmer and drier towards the middle of the season. Night fog is likely and frost can have a severe effect on more tender plants.

Widespread rain is particularly heavy in the west of Britain. Afternoon temperatures average 16-18°C (61-64°F) in south-east England but are considerably lower in northern England and Scotland. Scattered showers may follow with sunny periods in the east, where afternoon temperatures average 13°C (55°F).

The end of mid autumn is often stormy, so during good weather take every opportunity to carry out autumn digging. Soil dug over now gets the maximum benefit from the winter frosts, and will be broken down in time for spring planting. Tidy away fallen leaves and stack them in a heap until they have rotted down into leaf-mould — ideal for digging into the ground and for mulching.

lawns and groundcoverLawn Maintenance

Apply autumn fertilizer to all lawns. To improve drainage on lawns prone to flooding or waterlogging – particularly where heavy soil has become compacted – first thoroughly rake or scarify the area. Use a hollow-tined fork to open up the surface, making holes about 10cm (4in) deep and 5-7.5cm (2-3in) apart. Apply a good quantity of sharp sand and gypsum, working them thoroughly into the surface of the turf. Do not walk on the turf during wet weather. In difficult cases, consult a drainage expert for specialist help.

Lay turf in mid autumn to give the grass time to root before winter. Prepare a weed-free turf bed in advance and allow it to settle for a few weeks. Apply fertilizer at the rate of 70g (2-1/2oz) per sq m/yd and lightly rake it into the surface before laying the turf.

Large numbers of warm casts can make the lawn unsightly, smothering areas of grass and encouraging weeds and moss. Treat affected areas with carbaryl during dull, moist, warm weather.

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