Lawn Care in Early Autumn

Early autumn is a good time to repair, feed and topdress the established lawn, to get it into good condition for the winter. Bare patches can be forked up and re-seeded or cut out and replaced with turf; small bumps and hollows can be levelled out by cutting an H shape in the turf, rolling back the flaps and filling in or removing soil as needed.

Broken edges can be mended by cutting out a square of turf which includes the damaged edge, moving the turf forward and cutting off the broken part in line with the edge of the lawn. Fill in the gap behind it with soil and seed or more turf.

To maintain lawns in good health it is advisable to top-dress them every autumn, but before doing this the lawn should be raked, brushed, mown and spiked. The top-dressing can follow this treatment; put the mixture on in a dryish condition at 1-2kg per sq m (2-4lb per sq yd). Spread it evenly and work it in at once with the back of a rake or a stiff brush, otherwise it will have a smothering effect on the grass.

lawn care in early autumn

The topdressing can contain loam, coarse sand and peat and for an average soil the proportions are about 6:3:1 but for heavy soils much more sand and much less loam are required and for sandy soils, much more peat, less sand and about the same quantity of loam are needed. Sometime during early autumn or at the beginning of mid-winter a fertilizer dressing can be given, either a proprietary autumn lawn feed, or a compound fertilizer, either of which contains much less nitrogen than the other two major plant foods. Too much in the way of nitrogen now will produce rapid, lush growth, which can be damaged by winter cold or badly infected by fungus diseases.

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