Late Winter in the Shrub and Tree Garden

After the peace of mid-winter, there begins to be a definite feeling of revival in the air in late winter. Even if there is still snow about, the days are appreciably longer and the earliest shrub and tree buds, willow, clematis and perhaps even roses, will begin to sprout towards the end of this season. You will need to finish the winter pruning as near the beginning of late winter as possible and some advance rose pruning may be necessary.

Similarly, planting of deciduous shrubs and trees should be finished, digging completed, and winter tar-oil spraying must be got out of the way before the buds begin to unfold, otherwise they will be damaged.

With the rising of the sap, there are two new jobs to do which would not have been of much benefit done earlier: feeding the tree fruit and mulching some of the shrubs and climbers. Vacant soil can also be treated, with lime.

30. August 2011 by admin
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