Large water lilies

Water lilies for the larger pond that need 23cm-1.2m (9in-4ft) of water above the crown and will spread to over 1.2m (4ft) across.


Alba A vigorous water lily with white flowers 10-13cm (4-5in) across that is often used in areas of cold, deep and barely moving water where hybrids will not thrive. It quickly becomes established and spreads over a large area. ‘Colossea’ A plant for larger ponds as it is very vigorous with large scented white blooms. It has a long flowering period and will grow in deep water. ‘Gladstoniana’ Very large white flowers with golden centres. Needs deep water to expose the 20cm (8in) wide blooms.

Tuberosa var. ‘Richardsonii’ Cup-shaped blooms held just above the water level with several rings of white petals round the centre of gold stamens. Needs deep water and can be vigorous. ‘Virginalis’ A white water lily with pointed petals regarded by some as the best shaped of all the whites. Free flowering through a long season.


‘Baroness Orczy’ – Very large deep pink flowers. ‘Formosa’ Large rose-pink blooms that grow darker as they age, with gold stamens. Free flowering with green foliage.

‘Leviathan’ Large deep pink scented flowers.

‘Mrs. C.W. Thomas’ Semi-double pink scented blooms.

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Tuberosa rosea – Scented blooms 10- 13cm (4-5in) wide, pink and raised above the water surface. The foliage is light green and needs plenty of space to grow in width and depth.


‘Arethusa’ Large globular flowers a deep dark red in the centre fading to deep rose on the outer petals.

Atropurpurea – Deep crimson to purple blooms about 20cm (8in) across that sit flat on the water surface and open wide to show off the long gold stamens in the centre. Free flowering. The young leaves are purple and mature to dark green.

‘Attraction’ A free-flowering water lily with deep garnet red blooms up to 25cm (10 in) wide, the petals edged with white flecks. Young plants have pale pink blooms that suggest very little of the mature plant’s potential. Provide space to show off the beauty of this popular hybrid.

‘Charles de Meurville’ Large blooms – up to 20cm (8in) wide – of a rich burgundy colour. The leaves are large and the plant needs plenty of space to grow well.

‘Picciola’ A vigorous lily with large dark crimson blooms about 25cm (10in) across that stand out of the water. The leaves are spotted and marked with dark red on green.


‘Colonel A.J. Welch’ A water lily that is only recommended for deep water, which it stands better than marliacea chromatella. The yellow flowers are outweighed by the prolific leaves. The blooms stand well above the water surface. Faintly marbled foliage.

Marliacea chromatella – Large primrose yellow flowers 15-18cm (6-7in) across, full petalled and with good proportions. Reliably free flowering over a long season. The large green leaves are blotched with dark brown. The plant has been in cultivation for over a hundred years and is still very popular for the larger pond. A lovely water lily.

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