Lady Palm or Ground Rattan Rhapis

This decorative bamboo palm, a member of the Arecaceae or palm family, is native to China. The genus is made up of only two species: Rhapis excelsa and Rhapis humilis. The green leaves consist of 20 or more, deep green lobes. The smaller R. humilis has denser, narrower lobes than those of R. excelsa. The numerous suckers develop into stems, an aspect that is very reminiscent of bamboos.

If placed outdoors in summer, they require a warm, partially shaded position, not in direct sun, where they are protected from rain and wind. The root balls should be kept moist all year round but never waterlogged. The plant benefits from weekly applications of fertilizer during the growing season but only every four to six weeks during the winter.

The brighter the place where they over-winter, the warmer the temperature, within the range 5-20° C (41-68° F). If the air is too dry, the tips of the leaves will turn brown. The lady palm can be propagated from suckers that can easily be detached when repotting the plant.

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