Koi Fish Ponds

Koi Fish Ponds

In some cases, a pool will meet a very specific requirement, for some water gardeners are so focused on a particular aspect of water gardening that this takes precedence over all others. In the majority of cases, these are the koi carp enthusiasts; koi are beautiful playful creatures, and it is easy to fall under their spell.

koi fish ponds A koi fish pond is not a normal garden pool, for its primary purpose is to keep the fish happy and healthy. Their welfare takes priority over garden aesthetics, but it should become an integral part of the garden scene nevertheless. The construction of a koi pond is very different to that of a normal garden pool, for an appropriate filtration system must be accommodated, together with any necessary drainage system. Consequently, fitting it into the garden landscape comes relatively low on the list of priorities.

For security and maximum enjoyment, the pool should be close to the house. It can be set into the ground or raised, the latter providing the greatest opportunity for enjoying the fish at close quarters. However, it must be at least 1.5m (5ft) deep, ideally straight-sided and devoid of any obstruction that may damage the fish as they swim about. Plants are precluded, for not only do koi tear them apart, but they also uproot them, scattering stones and soil into the water and creating an unsavoury situation that is not easily controlled.

Essential Requirements for Koi Fish Ponds

Unless the number of carp that will be accommodated is very modest, an elaborate filtration system will be necessary. This usually takes the form of a substantial container or containers, which must be situated close to the pond. Easy access for servicing is also essential, but this can make it difficult to incorporate the unit discreetly into the garden landscape.

If a raised formal pool is being constructed, the filter can often be built into the walled structure without being obvious. Most problems occur when attempting to adapt an existing garden pool to the needs of koi. In this situation, substantial restructuring may be required.

An informal koi pool is even more difficult to contrive if it is to retain some sympathy with the landscape. A sloping site may allow the filtration system to be placed alongside the pool and integrated into the slope, while careful planting with shrubby evergreens could help reduce its intrusion. The latter would look best in an informal landscape.

Modern koi pools often incorporate a bottom drainage system, which feeds water from the pool bottom into the filter. The pump in such systems is positioned in the filter, with water passing through the bottom drain by gravity. This has the considerable advantage that any debris is not pulverised by passing through the pump before it is removed by the filter. The design and construction of such specialised systems is best left to professionals.

Choosing a Suitable Site for Your Koi Fish Pond

One of the best places to site a koi pool is alongside a wall, if possible near the house, for security and easy access. If no suitable wall exists already, it may be worthwhile constructing one as a garden feature, which will enable the pool to become fully integrated into the landscape. A dividing wall within the garden, which can provide a backdrop for tasteful planting, can be a boon to the water garden, for it can act as one Side of the pool.

The pool itself can be constructed so that its floor level is significantly higher than the ground level on the other side of the wall, thereby ensuring that drainage will present few problems.

The filtration system can also he concealed by the wall, which does not have to be substantial, but merely sufficient to ensure suitable provision for services and to tie the pool visually into the garden design. It can also he useful in providing an opportunity to add further decorative features, such as a spout or wall mask.

Any wall will help tie the pool into the landscape, even if it cannot be used to conceal the necessary services. A pool built against a wall, particularly in a confined area, will help to put more emphasis on the perimeter of the garden, creating an illusion of greater space.

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