Iris x Fulvala

As with Iris fulva, Iris Fulvala is one of the Louisiana irises, which are naturally distributed in the warm and wetlands of the southern USA. In appearance, however, this iris is totally different. It is a much showier iris, with large, rich red-purple flowers and golden signals.

Similar characteristics are that it produces lush green foliage early in the spring, before many other types of garden plants have come in to leaf. It is a robust, rhizomatous iris.

Iris x fulvala plants prefer a pond or waterway in full sun, but they will generally perform well in light shade.

Newly bought containerized plants will be growing in a suitable soil, but if you are replanting, use good, clean garden soil from a part of the garden that has not recently been dressed with fertilizer. Remove twigs, weeds, old leaves or anything likely to decay and foul the water.

Plant between mid-spring and midsummer. Little general care is required once plants are established. Remove any dead or scrappy leaves when seen. Deadhead the faded flowers before seeds are set (unless you are wanting to collect the seed), otherwise flowering may be reduced the following year.

This iris will benefit from lifting and dividing every three or four years during mid- to late spring. Use garden soil to pot up the offshoots into new aquatic pots. To prevent fish from disturbing the soil, and small soil particles floating away, place gravel or small stones over the surface.

Aphids, caterpillars and earwigs, are the main pests, while there are several viruses that can affect flowering and leaf production. Because of the risk of chemical run-off in to the pondwater, insecticide controls are not possible, so the pests should simply be washed off with a jet of water from a hosepipe, and allowed to sink or swim! However, none of these problems is generally considered to be life-threatening.

This iris will grow equally well in a bog garden or pond.

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