Identifying Puschkinia Bulbs

Puschkinia libanotica, sometimes listed as Puschkinia scilloides, is better known as the Lebanon or Striped Squill. Growing on 4 to 7-in. stems, the fluffy looking, silvery-blue striped bells appear during March and April in clusters of up to a dozen. Puschkinias are quite hardy and useful for the rock garden, the edge of a border or for woodland areas and, where possible, should be planted in quantity to give the best show. They seem to prefer slightly shady positions where the soil is well drained and on the light side. Plant the bulbs 3 in. deep and about 3 in. apart, preferably where they can be left undisturbed for a number of years.

There is a white form sometimes listed as Puschkinia libanotica alba, flowering at the same time as the species. Both make a good display if grown in pots or bowls.

08. July 2011 by admin
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