How to Grow Turnips

How to Grow Turnips

How to Grow Turnips Not to everyone’s taste, but a popular root vegetable available from about May to October, according to Sowing time. Found with either white or yellow flesh,

Soil requirements

No particular fancies but light, moist, well-drained soils are best.

Possible yield

About 9lb (4kg) per 10ft (3m) of row.

Time from Sowing to harvest

2-3 months.

Varieties ‘Golden Ball’, ‘Purple Top Milan’. ‘Market Express’, one of the fastest growing turnips, can be ready about fifty days from Sowing.


From March to mid-July to produce roots from May to October. Sow three-quarters of an inch deep in rows 1ft (30cm) apart.


Don’t transplant.


Thin the seedlings to 4in (10cm) apart as soon as they can be handled. Keep weed-free and well watered to promote quick and tender growth. This is particularly important with the earlies which should be eaten before they get too large.

Pests and diseases

Flea beetle, cabbage root fly, club root and mildew.


If you’re growing a crop for earlies only, pull them when they’re from golf ball to tennis ball size. Leave maincrop until October/November, then lift and clamp them or store in dry sand or peat.


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