How to Grow Sweet Peppers

How to Grow Sweet Peppers (Capsicums)

How to Grow Sweet Peppers Although it is more successful to grow peppers in a greenhouse, modern varieties will give perfectly acceptable results in the open if grown in the warmest part of a garden against a south-facing wall or fence. The sweet pepper is another of those vegetables that have grown in popularity in the last ten to fifteen years. Their cultivation is easy and very similar to that of tomatoes.

Soil requirements

Hardly worth bothering to grow them in ordinary soil; much better to use growing bags or peat-based potting compost in large (9in/22cm) pots.

Possible yield

You could expect anything over 2 1b (0.9kg) per plant in a good summer

Time from Sowing to harvest

About five months.


‘Atris’, ‘Mavras’ and ‘New Ace.’ Hot varieties include ‘Chilli Long Slim’ and several others.


Because the plants are slower growing and smaller than tomatoes, they can be sown earlier, the second half of March being suitable if sufficient heat is available to germinate the seeds and maintain growth.

As with tomatoes, sow two seeds per 3in (7.5cm) of peat pot and remove the weaker seedling when it is seen. Keep watering to a minimum until growth is going well.


Always keep peppers under glass as long as you can and, in any event, until the end of May. This allows the plants to grow for longer in the warmth before being planted outside. Allow three plants per growing bag. The best system is to plant in the bag as soon as the plants outgrow their pots and keep the bag under cover until the space is wanted for something else.


Protect the plants with a polythene covering when newly moved outside. Keep well watered at all times and fed as for tomatoes.

Pests and Diseases

Nothing really to worry about.


Most varieties of pepper attain full size when still green. They can be cut and used at this stage or may be left until they are partially or completely red. Oddly enough, they freeze very well whole, but can, of course only be used for cooking after thawing.


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