How to Grow Swedes

How to Grow Swedes

Not as popular vegetables as they might be and normally found in the north of England rather than the south. Swede is a very pleasant change in the winter from other more mundane things. Oddly, swedes seem to grow better by the acre than in gardens.

Soil requirements

No particular likes and, unlike carrots and parsnips, perfectly at home on heavy and stony ground. Possible yield About 11 lb (5kg) from 10ft (3m) of row.

Time from Sowing to harvest

Three months, but the roots will stay in the ground safely for a further seven, until March.




How to Grow Swedes Sow from mid-May to mid-June (the earlier in the colder north of Britain). Sow ¾-1 in (2-2.5cm) deep in rows 15-18in (37.5 – 45cm) apart.


Don’t transplant.


Thin to 9in (23cm) apart as soon as the seedlings are large enough to handle. Swede tops make a pleasant spring vegetable. To get a supply of these, leave part of a row unthinned and use it only for tops.

Pests and diseases

Cabbage root fly; also club root and mildew, but ‘Marian’ less susceptible than other varieties.


Start lifting swedes as soon as they’re large enough to eat in the late summer. For preference, leave them in the ground until you want them; they’re perfectly hardy. If you need the land, they can be lifted in early winter and clamped.


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