How to Grow Spinach Beet

How to Grow Spinach Beet

How to Grow Spinach Beet One of the many edible members of the beet family. Winter hardy are eaten in late winter and during the spring until they run up to flower (bolt). Spinach ‘Perpetual’ beet doesn’t bolt until after the winter and has a milder flavour than true spinach,

Soil requirements

Although tolerant of sandy and other poor soils, spinach beet is at its best on deep, moist land well supplied with organic matter.

Possible yield

At least 1 lb (0.5 kg) per plant, more if it is picked hard.

Time from Sowing to harvest

In theory, about seven weeks, but it is normal to leave the plants for late winter/early spring use.


‘Perpetual’. As with lettuces, leaf beet has not escaped the colour revolution. The supreme example is ‘Bright Lights’ – an explosion of colour from white, through yellow and orange, to pale and dark red. This will brighten up the drabbest vegetable patch and I find that, even in Yorkshire, it is normally winter-hardy.


Can be sown in the spring for a summer crop, but these plants usually end up much too big. Best sown during July for winter and spring use. Sow in situ in rows 1 in (2.5cm) deep with, if required, 18in (45cm) between rows.


Don’t transplant.


Thin the seedlings when they are large enough to handle. Either thin to 4in (10cm) apart and later to 8in (20cm), cooking the second thinnings; alternatively, thin just once to 8in (20cm).

Pests and diseases

None in particular


You can start picking in the summer when the outside leaves are large enough but, if wanted for later use, don’t overdo it or you’ll simply send the plants into the winter small and weak.


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