How to Grow Shallots

How to Grow Shallots

Not as popular as they should be, even though they are a very good substitute for onions. They are terribly easy to grow.

Soil requirements

Good soil is needed for the best crops but they are tolerant of most types.

Possible yield

About 10 lb (4.5kg) from every 10ft (3m) of row.

Time from Sowing to harvest

4-6 months.


‘Giant Long Keeping Yellow’ for heaviest yield. ‘Native de Niort’ for exhibition-standard shallots. ‘Matador’ can be grown from seed.


Plant so that only the tops are visible in March. Allow 6in (15cm) between bulbs,10-12in (25-30cm) between rows.


How to Grow Shallots Hoe to keep weeds down but take care not to catch the bulbs with the blade. Draw the soil away from the base of the clumps when they’re nearly mature to help ripening.

Pests and diseases

As for onions.


Once the leaves have died down in the summer, lift the bulbs, dry them off as you would onions and store them in a bag in an airy place. Keep aside enough of the smallest for planting the following spring.


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