How to Grow Radishes

How to Grow Radishes

A valuable summer salad crop. Very useful for inter-cropping. There’s also a hardy selection for winter use. Very easy to grow but needs good soil and moisture.

Soil requirements

Plenty of organic matter open and fertile.

Possible yield

About 4.5lb (2kg) per 10ft (3m) of row. Much more than that is produced by the larger winter varieties.

Time from Sowing to harvest

4-6 weeks for the normal varieties.


For summer use: ‘Prinz Rotin’, firm (not hollow) but not woody, and slow to bolt. ‘Scarlet Globe’. For winter use: ‘Black Spanish Round’.


How to Grow Radishes Sow fortnightly from March to mid-June for summer crops, late July and throughout August for the winter ones. Sow thinly, half an inch deep and not too much at any one time; 6ft (1.8m) of row should be ample. Winter radishes should be thinned progressively to about 6in (15cm) apart, using the thinnings.


Never transplant.


Keep weed-free and well fed and watered to encourage quick growth.

Pests and diseases

Flea beetle will attack seedling leaves. Cabbage root fly are also a danger


Pull summer varieties when ready and well before they get old and coarse. Winter radishes can be left until wanted or lifted in October/November and stored in sand like carrots.



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